Question 1: How long will this wood finish last?  Exposure to sun, elevation, current state of wood, adverse conditions  (hail ,snow) all will play a part in determining longevity.  In addition the wood needs to be properly prepped before any finish is applied (Cleaned, brightened, sanded) to help in longevity.   In general  the south and west side of wood siding  and logs should look at having maintenance done every 3 - 4 years. North and east sides every 4 - 6 years.  Deck floors every 1 - 2 years for maintenance, rails every 2 - 3 years.  I find that every time I add a maintenance coat, I'm able to take a longer interval before next maintenance.   It behooves you to keep on a maintenance schedule because the cost is considerably less for maintenance than doing a full restoration (removing a failed finish due to neglect).

Question 2: Why should I choose you? I've been in business since 1998 under the same name without one BBB complaint. I am the main installer on each job, I use the best products on the market, and am familiar with oils, and water based stains. I carry liability insurance as do my contractors. I guarantee my workmanship, and I show up when I say I will.

Question 3: Will your products harm pets, or vegetation?   I'm careful to only use products that are environmentally friendly, no homemade concoctions or bleaches.  If I'm using a stronger soap for restorations, I will discuss at my job interview.

Question 4: What about corn cobb blasting?   Corn cob blasting is a last resort to remove multiple coats of paint on older structures. This process is costly, messy, it felts and degrades the wood.  If each timber is not thoroughly sanded after blasting, that felting will haunt in the future.   Most over the counter finishes can be removed with a good wood soap, gel, water, and a professional power washer.  The trick to washing is to let the soap do the work of removing the old finish, so you don't have to aggresively blast the wood with anything.

Question 5: How long will it take you?  In general  4 - 5 days on house contracts and  1 - 3 days on decks.  I pride myself on being on schedule, and with the exemption of bad weather, I seldom have to re-schedule. The work I do is strenuous, so six hour days are my norm, but I make it up with my experience and 6"5" build.  I do not move onto another project until I'm done with the current one at hand. 

Question 6:  By you washing my wood will that promote mold growth if water penetrates the structure?   Presuming your home is weathertight, water will not enter, and special care is given to windows and doors.  An opinion to your structure being weatherproof will be given at my visit.   Because we are blessed with an airid climate, mold and fungus are not commonly found inside structures.  It can be found on the exterior shaded surfaces at ground level due to unsealed wood and rain-off or snow build up.  The exterior finish I use has mold & fungus inhibitors to prevent growth underneath the finish.

Question 7:  Why do you require half payment at start?  With me showing up as scheduled prepared to start your job along with a previous bid interview shows I'm committed, and I only ask the same from my clients.  On larger projects I am comfortable in material cost only which can be shipped directly to the job site.

Question 8:  Will a darker color stain last longer? No it actually dries out your wood quicker because it absorbs the heat and bakes the wood underneath the coating. Similar to the interior of a white car, and a black car, which one would you rather get into on a hot sunny day?