When selecting an exterior wood finish, most people depend on word of mouth, or paint store recommendations.  In my experience of stripping thousands of square feet of failed finishes (all types and brands) those recommendations are not always the best source of information.  Keep in mind most paints and stains are not tested in the high altitude elevations we live in.  For the last 21 years I have found no better product to use and support then the Wood Iron line of products especially if you are looking to keep the natural look of your wood..  I specifically like the Wood Iron exterior oil finish. More detail info can be found at their website

Wood Iron contains drying oils and resin. These ingredients are specific to replacing the lignin lost in older and powerwashed wood. UV protection is accomplished with industrial grade transparent oxide tints.  Water absorption can cause major damage to wood. In addition to the oils and resins Wood Iron has water repellents. Mildew is inhibited with the safest and still most effective algaecide/mildewcide available.

Custom colors can be achieved by adding more, or different color oil pigments if so desired.  Wood Iron is only  3%  pigment therefore it's considered a tint, not a stain. Wood Iron tints are designed  to enhance and actually accentuate the color of wood it is being used on.   

The wood cleaners I use are soaps and gels designed to be environmentally safe and pass all EPA standards.  I do not use any homemade concoctions, or bleaches. Care is taken with vegetation, and pets, as will be more explained at my job interview.