When selecting an exterior wood finish, most people depend on word of mouth, or paint store recommendations.  In my experience of stripping thousands of square feet of failed finishes (all types and brands) those recommendations are not always the best source of information.   I do not work for any coatings company, and I am totally free to use any material I choose, and for the last 17 years I have found no better product to use and support  then the Wood Iron line of products.   

Frank Saterlee, formulator of Wood Iron can better describe the technical aspects as follows  Question: What is Wood Iron?  - With out giving away the farm we feel that it is important to have a basic idea of the ingredients contained in Wood Iron. Wood Iron contains drying oils and resin. These ingredients are specific to replacing the lignin lost in older and powerwashed wood. UV protection is accomplished with industrial grade transparent oxide tints. In addition we are the only exterior wood finish that puts UV absorbers in our clear base. Since we are the only company using it we will call it our secret ingredient. Water absorption can cause major damage to wood. In addition to the oils and resins Wood Iron has water repellents. Mildew is inhibited with the safest and still most effective algaecide/mildewcide available. To be a complete exterior wood finish the product must have all of these ingredients in the amounts only found in Wood Iron. That is the combination that creates the best value for the dollar.   Thanks Frank & Judy for 19 years of support.

Custom colors can be achieved by adding more, or different color pigment if so desired.  Wood Iron is only  3%  pigment therefore it's considered a tint, not a stain.  Products sold over the counter are all 20 plus in pigment, even in their so called natural color.  Problem this creates is after three maintenance's coats your half way to opaque.    Pigment is an inexpensive  UV block that  large paint companies use so they profit in the competitive coatings industry.  Also keep in mind paint companies, and consumer groups do not test their products at 7000'  elevation.  Wood Iron tints are designed  to enhance and actually accentuate the color of wood it is being used on.   

The reasons I like this products are as follows -  I can maintain the wood in the future without obscuring the warmth and richness of your wood.  Each maintenance interval becomes longer as the base  gets thicker.  The better my work holds up and looks, the better you and I feel.

The wood cleaners I use are soaps and gels designed to be environmentally safe and pass all EPA standards.  I do not use any homemade concoctions, or bleaches. Care is taken with vegetation, and pets, as will be more explained at my job interview.  

I can provide more tools , and knowledge for the do-it yourself er on request  or visit or